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Pressure Washing

There is more to pressure washing than just buying a washer and blasting away at whatever you want cleaned. Knowing how to clean a desired surface will yield better results and save you from the possibility of damage. Letting us take care of all your pressure washing needs will give you the peace of mind knowing it is as clean as it can possibly be, it will save you time, and the headache of damages most homeowners run into when attempting to do it themselves.

Soft Washing


So you need your homes exterior cleaned... whats the first thing that comes to mind? Have it pressure washed, correct? Unfortunatly, the surfaces on the exterior of your home are not made to withstand the forces of high pressure water being shot at point blank only inches away, not even from those baby washers available at home depot. Paint can be blasted off, screens can be shredded, vinyl siding Pitted or knocked loose, double pane windows can have their seals broken causing fogging between the two layers of glass. The correct way to wash a house to it have it soft washed.


Our Soft Washing technique uses specially designed house washing soaps and detergents that are applied thoroughly and rinsed with low pressure water. Since we are not depending on high pressure to do the cleaning, we can safely stand on the ground and clean at heights up to 50 Feet. The results of our plant safe detergent and low pressure cleaning are astounding and far superior to the results you will get from the typical pressure washing methods.


Medium and High Pressure


For concrete surfaces it is safe to use high pressure. Although, we will still use a detergent to get the best results. Our detergents are all 100% safe for plants and animals.


For wood surfaces the integrity of the wood should be considered before choosing a pressure. In most cases a medium pressure will give you best results without doing damage to the surface.


Cleaning Recommendations


Vinyl Siding - Every 2-3 years is ideal. Enviromental factors will play a roll in determining

                          this. Shaded areas will grow mold much quicker than other areas, in that

                          case every other year is ideal.


Concrete - Every 3-4 years although you can still see results like the picture to the right

                     in just 2 years time.


Wood - Theres no real answer for this category, it mostly depends if it is treated and

                protected on not. Also horizontal surfaces such as decking will need it

                considerably sooner than vertical surfaces such as fencing.

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