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Lawn Care

Aside from making your lawn look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine, weekly lawn service from ReNew will improve the overall health of your lawn. We have the experience and knowledge to make your lawn look beautiful throughout the growing season. We provide highly professional results for less… we are 9 times out of 10 the lowest quote. Also, if by some chance we are not we will adjust the quote to where it needs to be to do business, all without sacrificing customer service or results. Just imagine the benefits from letting us maintain your lawn: No more gas cans, no mixing gas with oil, no more blade sharpening, no more oil changes, no more winterizing, no more dead batteries, no more trips to the repair shop. Over the course of 5 years the cost to hire us will even out with the cost to cut your lawn yourself assuming the purchase of a tractor. Think about how much time you will save from 5 years of not cutting the grass…



Scheduled Mowing Services


Our Scheduled Mowing Service will ensure that your lawn will look it best all growing season, and that it is trimmed to the proper height. We sharpen our blades every week leaving clean cut blades and allowing you lawn to thrive. In those hot summer months where rain is light, the correct cut height could be the difference between a green lawn or a brown burnt lawn.


We have lawn striping kits to make the green stripes greener and the white stripes whiter. This is included free of charge in all season contracts.


We also have the ability to collect all the clippings from your lawn. Some people like to prevent grass clipping from being tracked into the house, so this is a great option to control this.


One of the few things we do that sets us apart is we cut the lawn in a different direction every week. Doing this will prevent permanent lines to your lawn and prevent thinning of grass to where the wheels roll.


Our mowing services start in April and go through November, weather permitted.



Edging and Trimming


Edging and trimming are included in our mowing service. This gives your property a clean cut and well maintained appearance. We do not scalp lawns with the trimmers; we edge to the same height as the rest of the lawn.



Blowing / Cleanup


The final touch to our mowing service is to blow off all clippings and/or leaves from all hard surfaces such as the driveway and sidewalk.

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