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Concrete Sealing

Concrete is worth protecting, as it is costly to lay and repair. Sealing strengthens and protects your investment and increase your concrete’s durability, as well as improving its appearance. Most concrete pads are gritty and porous; sealing will smoothens the surface allowing better water runoff and snow removal, and also prevents the absorption of liquids such as motor oil or other engine fluids which stain and cannot be removed.  Properly maintaining exterior concrete will also significantly improve its looks, thereby enhancing the value and appearance of any property. New concrete has become very expensive over the past 5-10 years, and it is very costly to replace a driveway or patio. Protecting your concrete by sealing it is one of the best investments a homeowner can make.



Why seal concrete right away?


Because concrete is naturally porous, it absorbs water. Freezing temperatures will cause the water absorbed by the concrete freeze and expand forcing the concrete to crack. Because sealing inhibits the concrete from absorbing water, your chances of getting cracks in your pavement are greatly reduced with a concrete sealer. Sealing also helps prevent pitting which is the result of large chunks of concrete breaking off the surface.



Why choose us..


There are a lot of sealers out there and most are subpar quality. These sealers will only protect for 6 months before they fail. We use the industrys leading sealant which is a top of the line penetrating sealer and guarantees years of protection. Before applying the sealer we thouroughly clean the surface with eco-friendly detergent and a high pressure wash ensuring the surface is as clean as it can be.


Types of Concrete Cleaning We Do:


- Driveway Cleaning

- Sidewalk Cleaning

- Patios and Porches

- Retaining Walls

- Pool Decks

- Stamped Concrete

- Brick Pavers

- Concrete Sealing

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